Competitive Fun

Built by players for players. Hots Tourneys will be hosting and tracking participants in monthly tournaments. Open to all players of any skill level. Be free to create teams to rival against others or be paired with a random crew for an all out best of 3.

Site under live construction.

Not all features are complete.

Fair Matchmaking

We pull from data from HotsLogs to gather your MMR to match you with players of the same skill.

No Salt

We believe in a strong and friendly community. Play to win, not to fuss with a bunch of randoms.

Monthly Prizes

Participants in tournament will earn small monetary prises! Win fame and a small fortune.

In the Spotlight

Streamed lived on Twitch and YouTube Gaming, you will be broadcasted in the heats of all moments.

Always Tracking

Team games are saved on our private leader board. Compete with your peers to arise higher than them.

Always Free

Register and play to win. Monthly free tournaments with optional micro transaction tournaments a bigger prise pool.